In My Grandson’s Eyes

Today, Andy Schoenborn inspires writers to listen to the words of the Chilean-American author Marjorie Agosín. In her poem “My Mother’s Eyes,” Agosín shares the hope she sees for herself in the reflections of her mother’s eyes. He inspires us to write a poem of reflection seen in the eyes of another person. I chose one of my grandsons, River (2), thinking back on our FaceTime conversation yesterday! 

 In My Grandson’s Eyes 

In my grandson’s eyes 

are rivers of life


with the fervor of 

each moment

and an urgent need 

to share it 


in a Garden of Eden 

along the marsh creeks

he runs 

pumpkin to pumpkin 

bringing each: 



proudly holding them

for me to admire

like a fisherman’s trophy

into the FaceTime screen 

eyes of cerulean sky 

with twinkle stars

gazing upward

expressive in wonder 

intense with passion 


“da punkin patch”

with a smile 

almost as big as 

his pride

inspiring me 


seek the joy 


see such big magic 

in wittle simple things

One Reply to “In My Grandson’s Eyes”

  1. Oh, Kim – this is beyond precious! I so know the little ones' “fervor of each moment” and “the urgent need to share it” – indeed, they cannot contain it! Love his pronunciation and how you used it at the end … “wittle simple things” – perfect closing. And: he is just BEAUTIFUL!!


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