The Boxing Ring


The Boxing Ring

I watch him 
from my chair 
as he saunters 
through the room
in no hurry 

he stops

his eyes lock 
on his brother
lying in his path 

it’s a stare down 
until one blinks 

he chins the floor 
front legs flat 
backside straight up 
tail wagging 


he pounces forward 
raises up 
like a Lipizzaner  

brother leaps sideways
nips at his heels 

oh, it’s on!  

they tackle 

freeze again 

stand up
on their back legs 
like two boxing hares 
two-foot hopping left and right 
front paws scrapping
in a full-force show 

until they hear the crinkle 
of the treat bag 
because Dad is leaving for work 

they come to attention 
straighten their haloes
sit like perfect angels
by their better-behaved brother 
until rewarded
treats in mouth 
they head off 
to three separate corners 
of the ring

when it comes to treats 

they don’t play 

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