Soap-Bubble-Other-Worldly OBE Haiku

Soap-Bubble-Other-Worldly OBE Haiku

I pinched my forearm
when the world became surreal 
but I was still here 

moments from my soap-bubble-
other-worldly view 

pressing on its walls 
floating lightly through the room 

“Heaven – All Aboard!”

wanting to follow 
the spirit of my mother 
through the pearly gates 

her death-rattle breaths 
like an elephant stampede 
drummed her procession 

and then she was gone 

we held hands around her bed 
and Dad said a prayer 

“thank you for the gift 
of Miriam ~ we have loved 
this angel on earth”

when my soap bubble 
burst, I plunged downward, a one-
winged insect spinning

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