newest infant family member 

myriad facial expressions 

his Onesie tells the story:

“my sun, my moon, my stars ~

my whole universe”

he’s changed our world  

already –






starry-eyed Olympian daughter 

all tough and sassy with brothers 

a spicy princess sister 

with her own slap bracelet ~

a gift from her aunt 

she holds her own 

rules the roost 

takes no 


Moon River


Moon River

cutting moons of Play-Doh at breakfast

moon snooze in planetarium

under the twinkling night sky

loving sweets- like Nana

ever watchful for

ambulance lights!

reaching for

his own

stars ⭐️ 

Fun Times!


Fun Times!

he said at breakfast his favorite 

parts of the Science Center were

in the planetarium

sky show and making fans

in innovation 

and the fossils

and geodes ~

what fun





Adventure Science Center, Nashville

Interactive exhibits for kids

planetarium combo:

welcome rest in the dark

youngest grandson napping 

as the sun sets~

sky pictures 

light up


Christmas in August Nonet


Christmas in August 

Christmas shopping in a Dollar Tree

even though it’s only August 

with three of our grandchildren

parents at a wedding 

gave them each five bucks

the humor of

Christmas Day






shopping elves like 

they used to have in

the early seventies 

at Rich’s in Atlanta

so kids could shop in secret and

learn the fine art of choosing good 


Perplexing Haiku



last pre-planning day 

what exactly does that mean? 

how does one pre-plan? 

by definition, 

isn’t pre-planning planning 

where we plan to plan? 

these teachers’ workdays 

are professional meetings 

planning nausea

same with post planning –

do we plan in retrospect? 

back to the future? 

such curious terms 

make us stop and scratch our heads… 

how does this make sense?

Be Still and Know


Be Still and Know

my mind and body

have to get up and go, though

my spirit protests 

I want to stay home!

three weeks was a too-short break

more vacation, please

I’m locked into this

world of constant work that won’t 

be still and know things 

Retirement Nonet

 Retirement Nonet

I don’t only need a vacation. 

I need a full-fledged retirement. 

Let me pass the torch at work. 

Let me linger longer. 

Let me read more books. 

Let me sleep in. 

Let me write. 

Let me 


South Georgia Trouble Brothers: a snooze haiku


South Georgia Trouble Brothers: a Costa Rican snooze haiku 

South Georgia born boys 

rooted in denim cutoffs 

and backyard gardens

homemade soap with lye

preachers’ kids: troublesome types!

regular scrubbings

fast forward the clock

still trouble – even asleep!

old habits die hard

two brothers sacked out

on a Costa Rican couch

vacation: sheer bliss!

symmetrical snooze:

feet propped on coffee table

elbows cradling heads

pillowy comfort

pajamas – shorts and t-shirts

eyelids block lamplight 

Wait. Binoculars??

oh, the ironic lenses! 

who is watching whom?

upon waking, they’ll

seek the day’s adventure – a

game of golf and beer

from cast iron lye soap

to pampering massage oils

these two have it made!