South Georgia Trouble Brothers: a snooze haiku


South Georgia Trouble Brothers: a Costa Rican snooze haiku 

South Georgia born boys 

rooted in denim cutoffs 

and backyard gardens

homemade soap with lye

preachers’ kids: troublesome types!

regular scrubbings

fast forward the clock

still trouble – even asleep!

old habits die hard

two brothers sacked out

on a Costa Rican couch

vacation: sheer bliss!

symmetrical snooze:

feet propped on coffee table

elbows cradling heads

pillowy comfort

pajamas – shorts and t-shirts

eyelids block lamplight 

Wait. Binoculars??

oh, the ironic lenses! 

who is watching whom?

upon waking, they’ll

seek the day’s adventure – a

game of golf and beer

from cast iron lye soap

to pampering massage oils

these two have it made! 

3 Replies to “South Georgia Trouble Brothers: a snooze haiku”

  1. What a treasure, this pair of trouble-inclined, South Georgia brothers, immortalized in your poem. Lye soap -!! I love the sonics of “symmetrical snooze” and the whole notion of memoir in verse. You always lace every line with such humor and love.


  2. Haha! Fun, Kim! I was struck by the symmetrical snooze too. The perfect caption for that photograph, and set up to the description that follows that line of the elbows and pajamas and so much mirrored here. Sweet!


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