Treat Time


treat time

snuggled up to me

Is where Fitz most likes to be 

in bed, anytime 

when Dad kisses Mom,

Fitz gives a “fierce” warning snap

a chaperone at work! 

but get the treats out 

and two boys head for the couch-

their morning routine! 

Funny Farm Turkey Figs: a bowl of fig haikus


Funny Farm Turkey Figs

(A bowl of fig haikus) 

three-dollar clearance 

scratch and dent fig twig on sale 

…so we brought it home 

Funny Farm fig tree 

established 2009 

nurtured, fertilized 

20 feet tall now 

bulging purple turkey figs 

from a litter‘s runt


denim cutoff shorts 

and an old outdoor t-shirt

on the tractor lift 

raised to the tip-top 

in the green John Deere bucket 

reaching the high boughs 

instant pot unpacked 

fresh figs quartered and sugared 

lemon juiced, honeyed 

apron strings knot past: 

grandmothers, mother – to now: 

me and my children 


memories keep our heart strings 


kitchens are the heart 

of every home – wooden spoons 

stirring more than foods

fresh fig preserves done! 

mason jars, lids everywhere! 

aromas tempting 

luscious, tart – nature

yields something big in a fig 

can’t wait to dig in! 

coffee, buttered toast 

crispy bacon and poached eggs, 

hand-picked fig preserves 

dinner on the farm 

is fine dining at its best: 

simple, local, fresh!