Golden Rule Witching Wand


I took four lines from yesterday’s poets (Margaret Simon, Jennifer Jowett, Allison Berryhill, and Susie Morice) to arrange them vertically and wrote a quadruple today. I have a link to a previous time I attempted this as well, with directions on how I like to vary the golden shovel form:

The Golden Rule Witching Wand 

you giggled from morning sun to stars at twilight 

could our connecting heart threads make us wish for more soul tickling? 

trust the heart, once we know one’s worrisome shadows! 

me? I have lost fear over circumstances I stretched 

to summits, walked unscathed far away and shall long 

keep laughter from becoming tears. Will I allow the 

a in (a) (one) (me) (I) to lead the change? the optimistic 

thing about kinship stitchery is it likeness to golden rule witching

alive to truth, we toss aside the madness and wave the healing wand 

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