Two Dozen Ways to Dress a Hippie

Two Dozen Ways to Dress a Hippie

peace-sign fringed vest for guitar strumming

bell-bottom jeans for Woodstock humming

halter top for quick hitchhiking

tie-dyed shirt for peaceful piping 

peasant blouse for sunlit meadowing

shoulder bag for camper van showing

Birkenstocks for pet rock walking 

Henna tat for campfire talking 

daisy chain for long hair crowning 

go-go boots for gettin’ downing 

macrame belt for chia pet growing

mood ring for answer-in-the-wind blowing  

platform shoes for mountain movin’

gaucho pants for soulful groovin’ 

mini skirt for disco lighting 

maxi dress for barefoot nighting

shag-cut wig for Deadhead-wilding

far-out shades for flower-childing 

hemp-bead choker for tree hugging 

psychedelic hip huggers for doing nothing 

floppy hat for sunshade-wanting 

boho headband for bouffanting

leisure suit for paycheck reaping 

birthday suit for ballgame streaking

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