Ants Go Marching Two By Two Haiku


Ants Go Marching Two By Two Haiku 

under an upturned

leaf a tiny tea party: 🫖   

ants’ #raindaysocial 

cups and saucers clink ~ ☕️ 

colony gossip occurs

ants have affairs, too

12 were seared alive

in a deadly ring of ^fire^ 🔥 

touring other hills

10 marched off in tin 

to tend war-seeking beetles 🪲 

{ they lost the battle }

8 selfishly ate

the dreaded killer ☠️ granules* 

(*that they did not share)

6 ants fallen sick – 

Coranta 🦠 virus [sic] sweeps

their toxic queendom

ant sorrow brings

this mound is full of mourning 

this world is too sad! 😔 

4 stepped out for a 

picnic 🧺 week ‘fore & have not

returned – all feared dead!

2  smooshed by a _shoe_ 👞 

like a too-weighty spacecraft 

crashed to earth: splattered!

1 egg-lain mistress:

drone stepping out on his queen??!!

👑 Queen won! ate them both

ant drama brings gasps;

this hill is full of shockers 

this world 🌎 has gone mad!

ants 🐜 decide to swap

#teaparty for #happyhour

…Long Island Iced Tea! 🍸  


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