How should one respond 

when an outspoken 

community member

dead set 

and vocal 

against masks

and tracking-juice vaccines

because the virus 

is a “huge farce” –

and just in case 

it’s not, he went ahead 

and injected that 

household disinfectant

in his veins

like some genius 

suggested –

gets it 

and is near death

and probably going to

exit stage left

leaving his wife and two 

kids with sky-high

hospital bills

two months later?

Does one contribute 

a box of masks in his memory?

or offer fresh-baked cookies 

to those in line to get the shot?

Because these responses 

and that Go Fund Me page

someone set up for him all

seem like things

he would not want 

to have holding him

in silent agreement

with a virus that 

he adamantly proclaimed

doesn’t exist. 

Asking for a friend in a quandary

who believes “I told you so”

isn’t quite appropriate here either.

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