Should one runner’s flatter mile be diminished by another’s more uphill?

Should we ask the elite runners to start at the back?

Should newlyweds in love 

quell their hearts for those divorced?

Should a new mother’s love 

be tucked under the shadows of a sister’s miscarriage?

Should a valedictorian feel shamed by scholars less honored?

Should school grade books even exist if some are less driven? 

Should those with strong legs sit on the bench while a teammate’s broken  leg heals?

Should the world stop smiling today to mourn all those who suffer loss? 

Should vacationers stay home because all cannot afford to go?

Should a kayaker stay home because there are those who can’t swim?

Should we all stop eating for those without food?

Should I take a lashing because my ancestors gave them?

Should professional athletes stop playing because teachers earn less? 

Should we dismiss our potential, ambition, and dreams for the missed opportunities of others? 

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