Arctic Air Haiku


Arctic Air Haiku

cooling Arctic Air

aimed at my face as I sleep 

my hot flash savior 

ice water fill-up

freeze the gray spongy filter 

turn it on: comfort! 

the house can be cold 

the husband can be freezing

I still need this blast! 

Old Hound Haiku


Old Hound Haiku

Dirt road pick-up truck

Old hound mutt riding shotgun 

through the countryside 

Windows down, nose out

Muzzlecheeks flapping in breeze

Living his best life 

He was abandoned

Rescued from the county dump

Taken in and fed

A recycled life – 

Dewormed, flea dipped, unticked and 

proudly named Buckshot

He feels his worth now

Chases critters, patrols home,

Eats the table scraps

All he needed was

someone to care about him

Oh, the difference! 

May 20, 2021 #nationalrescuedogday

Worker’s Haiku 2


Worker’s Haiku 2

Virtual visit

to discuss all my symptoms 

diagnosis made! 

Prescriptions called in

Steroid, antibiotic –

Glass of water: gulp! 

On my way back to 

feeling better once again 

All I want is sleep! 

I have to get up.

I have to go in to work.

My eyes won’t budge. 

I hit snooze again.

And again, knowing work is 





a mirroring Nonet 


Not one


Throughout these years.

No hurricane prep?

No utility bills?

No exorbitant taxes?

No yard and debris maintenance?

Not even any toilet paper?

And who was responsible for these?

A false-hope investor misled

By a negligible heir

Is a criminal act.

Whose receipts mattered?

Your parents would

Be ashamed 

Of you



 NyQuil Haiku

Thank God for NyQjuil

It was my sleep’s saving grace

Now to face the day…..

Bird Rhapsody Haiku


Bird Rhapsody Haiku 

Tower of Babel

in the forest this morning 

blissful bird babble 

all different calls 

chirps, tweets, chitters and chatters diverse winged chorus

birds of a feather 

birds of another feather 

sing in one accord 

an off-key whistle 

joins in this festive glee club 

a Barney Fife bird! 

“Peter, Peter,” from

Tufted Titmouse sopranos 

fully robed in joy 

“Pretty Bird,” trill the 

cardinal tenors singing 

praises to the King

alto mockingbirds 

impersonate all species 

universal chords  

one bass frog croaks out 

clearly too early for him 

his disdain is heard

morning rhapsody

performed from overhead pines 

free back porch ticket 

if birds can figure 

out how to sing with all kinds 

why, oh why can’t we?



its idyllic charm 

lures spellbound landseekers 

with lush flora 

and trickling creeks 

like a siren enchants sailors, 

her long hair 


with her 

naked beauty 

   the maelstrom 



then when beauty transforms 

as Scylla

and Charybdis

daughters who sought what wasn’t theirs

the ugly truth springs forth:

a father regrets a farm

there is such a thing 

as cursed land 

where the ghosts of soldiers 

still battle 

just as those 

who still dwell there

Wrestling Writing Haiku


Wrestling Writing Haiku 

I’m not feeling it

  so I’m not writing today!

Back to bed I go.

No inspiration – 

  my fairy lights don’t sparkle.

My prompt well ran dry. 

No motivation – 

  my brain feels tired and lazy.

I’d rather not think.

I’m not feeling it

  so I’m not writing today!

Back to bed I go.

I’m capping my pen –

  no need to waste any ink

when words just won’t come.

I’m closing my book – 

  keeping journal pages blank

for another day.

I’m not feeling it

  so I’m not writing today!

Back to bed I go.

I pull back the sheets

  to settle back in the warmth

and turn off my thoughts.

But they’re not water.

  They don’t stop with a knob twist.

They keep on flowing.

I’m feeling awake.

  I can’t go back to sleep now.

I need to get up. 

Leaky thought plumber?

  There’s no such miracle fix –

My brain mouth won’t hush. 

A conversation

  between me, myself, and I 

is unstoppable.

I’m feeling awake.

  I can’t go back to sleep now.

I need to get up. 

The struggle is real.

  Inspiration comes in the 

unlikeliest ways. 

….uncapping my pen 

  ….opening my journal page

and the ink now flows……

I’m writing today.

  I tried to wrestle writing

…it unrested me. 

Morning Celebrity


Morning Celebrity

A morning 

sofa celebrity 

never sits in peace 

drinking coffee 

checking email 

posting blogs 

admirers relentlessly 

throw themselves 

      at her feet 

beg for attention 

whine for affection

paw at her arms 

drape themselves 

     over her shoulders 

she crinkles paper 

they freeze

ears perk up 

eyes scope hers 

eyebrows raise

    in a question mark

      of anticipation

tails wag like 

    cautious stalkers 

they wait

    for her to make a move 


a biscuit for each 

sends the paparazzi pets 

off to remote locations 

to eat their treats 

in peace