Bird Rhapsody Haiku


Bird Rhapsody Haiku 

Tower of Babel

in the forest this morning 

blissful bird babble 

all different calls 

chirps, tweets, chitters and chatters diverse winged chorus

birds of a feather 

birds of another feather 

sing in one accord 

an off-key whistle 

joins in this festive glee club 

a Barney Fife bird! 

“Peter, Peter,” from

Tufted Titmouse sopranos 

fully robed in joy 

“Pretty Bird,” trill the 

cardinal tenors singing 

praises to the King

alto mockingbirds 

impersonate all species 

universal chords  

one bass frog croaks out 

clearly too early for him 

his disdain is heard

morning rhapsody

performed from overhead pines 

free back porch ticket 

if birds can figure 

out how to sing with all kinds 

why, oh why can’t we?

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