Nonsense Haiku


Nonsense Haiku 

I’m giving myself 

a list of menu options 

for healthier meals 

tired of this nonsense 

eating whatever I want 

whenever I want 

Seeking two kayaks 

to explore our campground lakes 

…….I need mine to float!

Togetherness Haiku


Togetherness Haiku

Weekend off the grid

Peaceful Dames Ferry Campground

Campsite twenty-one

Lake Juliette’s shores

Thirty feet from our camper

Kayaks gliding by

Banana oatmeal

Coffee swirled to perfection

Chatter of wildlife 

Picnic lunch lakeside 

Steak and tomato sandwich

Bottled Blue Moon beer

Reading in camp chairs

Schnauzer, Schnoodle in our laps

shade-napping in the hammock

Fresh salmon filets 

square picnic table dining 

spring splendor grilling 

Families of ducks 

New ducklings finding their way

Sticking together

Family cookout

Post-loss grief, finding new ways

of togetherness