Picasso Journal Haiku


Picasso Journal Haiku

I was going to 

write in green ink….. but then I

picked up the blue pen

I want some breakfast

…but need the mindset of a

brunch and lupper plan

I’m going to work 

…but I’d rather be camping

writing by the fire

A redbird bracelet 

keeps my late mother at hand

…in my heart always

I’d rather wear my 

Birkenstocks to work today

…but I’ll wear my Clarks…

Air conditioner 

repair finished yesterday

…coffee once again! 

WiFi out, struck by 

lightning….I’m disconnected

lost deep in the woods

My days seem like those

Picasso paintings…all slant

and tilted and skewed

If Picasso had 

been a poet….would he have

written in fragments? 

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