Footwork Haiku


Clocklike Footwork Haiku


school-office workout 

non-stop on-the-clock lock-step fanciful footwork 


knocking about town 

bottoms of feet locked to my Birkenstock cork-tops 


lounging about house 

worn out, both feet propped on my olive ottoman 


lolling on campground

feet dropping from my hammock 

clock stopped for re-stock 

2 Replies to “Footwork Haiku”

  1. Kim, what fun–all the busyness of your feet and footwear, like clockwork. Nice job finding so many /o/ sounds to fill in your rhymes of the -ocks. So playful and fun to read. Sweet photo too.


  2. Dear Kim: the rhythms and magnificent sonics of your poem make me feel and hear shoes echoing down a hallway, the clock ticking. the plopping down… an absolute delight to read! (I imagine you have a book with you on that hammock).


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