Springtime Smiles

 Things that Made me Happy on the First Day of Spring

a hawk swooping into a tree on our campsite 
a long walk with the dogs
a picnic at the top of the falls at High Falls State Park
a family playing colorful parachute ball
turtles sunning themselves on the rocks at the bottom of the falls just beyond the rapids 
a son and his dad flying a kite 
baby fingers on the pine trees 
reading in the sun with my sherpa-slippered feet propped up
the Lionel Richie weekend radio songs
a grilled salmon dinner with my husband 
Welcome Spring 2021! 

6 Replies to “Springtime Smiles”

  1. “Baby fingers on the pine trees” reaches straight into my heart. Hawks swooping=living poetry (as are their cries). Sherpa-slippered feet…so much savoring on Day 1 of spring!


  2. Wow, what a camping trip. Very nice photos. (I love the parachute. I think they are magical to play with and watch.) Your lined slippers and a good book were a lovely touch.


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