Pushing My Buttons




Pushing My Buttons

Awhile back, Staples came out with the Easy Button. This was a red button with a silver base about 3 inches in diameter, and when you pushed it, a convincing voice proclaimed, “That was easy!” 

Periodically, my students would earn a push of the easy button if they lined up quickly and quietly or managed some other classroom protocol effortlessly. Back in those days, their faces lit up like I’d hit the golden buzzer, even minus the confetti.  

I’m not a classroom teacher anymore, but I’m still in education – and I feel the daily frustrations! We need a revival of the proclamation button, only we need a variety of buttons instead of just one. We need them lined up on our desks, to proclaim things like:

“I need coffee!”

“This isn’t easy!” 

“Bring me a computer sledgehammer!”

“I can’t take one more Zoom!”

“No! Just….NO!”

“Do families even wear clothes anymore?”

Or maybe I should invent a wild card button app. I could type in what I want it to say and push the button. 

Nope, never mind…..

…...that would make some things too easy. 

5 Replies to “Pushing My Buttons”

  1. Your post made me laugh and imagine what I might want a button to say. I think I'd have a few different options for school and home. Thanks for starting my day off with a smile!


  2. Thank you for smiling with me this morning! When we can write and read and smile in this writing community a few hours before school starts, we are blessed! Have an easy day!


  3. Well, that button could be a lot of fun. I share a room with another reading specialist and we found a cute pointer in the free pile. We took it back to our room and realized the buttons on it all made different noises. One made the noise “Wha-wha-wha” lol! We had such a fun time with sound effects that year.


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