A Clandestine Valentine

 Today we were inspired by David Duer to write Diction Poems, using relationships with word sounds and the repeating line Let’s Meet Somewhere….

A Clandestine Valentine 

let’s meet somewhere
between Tallahassee and not-a-hassle
face-to-face – no more Facebook
at the Albany Walmart parking lot
after our late-night indite to seal the deal 

let’s meet somewhere
between happily married and woefully wed
a quick tryst – a clandestine Valentine-destined
love potion – not broken –
not nine on the corner of 34th and Vine
what was yours- now mine
not red not pink not blue not green
we’ll share this love somewhere between 

let’s meet somewhere
blue RAV, white Chev
and share the love from his to hers
spouses unknowing where we’re going
yours won’t detest in the midst of divorce
mine may weep tears – a reason he fears
or smile, when he finds out about this love child 

let’s meet somewhere
and do the math – no dollars involved
you: one to zero, me: two to three
this act of love is painful- but free
I can’t wait to meet this new life
she’ll be sweet
I’ll hug her and love her and raise her just right 

…so pass me this Schnoodle pup full of delight
my Valentine baby, all mixed black and white!

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