12202021: A Sonnet

 Inspired by Allison Berryhill – I tried my hand at a sonnet based on a friend’s Facebook post about the 12022021 palindrome ambigram that can be read as a military date or a traditional date and all be seen correctly, and I tried to get the pulse of Iambic Pentameter heartbeats in there but there my be some arrhythmia….

12202021: Sonnet for a Palindromic- Ambigramic Non-Illusion

back, forward, upside-down and inside- out
this palindrome and ambigram inspire
reminders to us all to think about
perceptions not embedded in quagmire

the way we tell a truth is often slant
Miss Dickinson’s prophetic verses ring
conundrums help us CAN when we all CAN’T
just lift one voice in unity and sing

enigmas’ mirrors make us stop and think
perspectives shift and bend like rubber bands
the hills we’ll die on flash with every blink
when will we open eyes, heal hearts, join hands?

there’s more than just one way that can be right
try different angles for increased insight!

     -Kim Johnson

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