Saturday morning

6:30 a.m.

36 degrees  

they’ve already peed

in the cold, wet grass 

just outside the front door

now they’re back 

in the warm, soft bed 

spoiling into 

more rottenness

one is bundled 

under the sheets 

at my feet

the other sleeps guard

at his master’s shoulder

coiled up tight

like a knotted shoelace

lifts his snow-white 

unkempt Schnoodle beard

and bed-headed twisted brows

in a half-dazed stare

his all-expressive eyes


“I’m sleepy…

but I will attack.”

his eyes turn up 

to detect any foul motives 

like a pair of 

pitch-black egg yolks

sitting sideways 

atop fried white rims




I’m frozen in place


holding my breath 

watching him watch me

I move one finger

his eyes pounce 

to the motion

I move it again

his front legs jolt 

(issues from a previous life)

my mouth curves 

a half-degree smile

of amusement 

it’s all over now 

he leaps up

all in my face

licking the outside corner

of my bad right eye


as he does every morning 

his right paw

on his skinny part-poodle leg

that propels his always 


parade gait

now mauling my arm

demanding love

with an urgent itch-like 


he flops down

flips over

contorts awkwardly 

wallows himself 

into a spiked pretzel 

legs pointing the 

compass directions

and offers up

a submissive belly

that was 

as serious

as a Buckingham Palace guard

as suspecting

as a crime detective 

as untrusting 

as a suspicious spouse

mere seconds ago

I give a 

tight-tummy love rub 

but the foot warmer

detects attention

and jealously 

tunnels nose-first

up through the covers 


his way to the party 

crashing it to

claim his share 

yep, it’s all over now




I accidentally got

sucked in to Virgin River 

but that Season 2 

finale cliffhanger 

takes me back 40 years 

to the theme from Dallas

and the question 

that gripped a nation:


oh, the irony 

of a shot to the gut

Let Loose

Challenge from Allison Berryhill:  Write a What Have I Lost poem today.

#Let Loose #Let’s Lose!

The key to gaining what’s been lost is found
in loving food and sharing it around.
Such logic follows principles of eating:
that loss just gained last week is ever-fleeting.

What is our strange obsession with the pound?
We over-do ourselves into the ground.
We oversleep and overspend as habit.
We see a bauble and take off to grab it.

But when it comes to food, we’re self-defeating,
our forks to lips so hesitantly meeting.

I say we stop not eating: it’s not sound!
Let’s liberate ourselves and be unbound!
For one full day, let’s let loose and indulge.
Let’s lose all fear of Battle of the Bulge!



December 3, 2020



    Marilyn Monroe dies

and just like that 

     Big Girls Don’t Cry

the countdown starts

     Cuban Missile Crisis

enough is enough 

     She’s Got You is #1

decisions are made

     Knight waffles first Nike

a vision appears 

     WalMart opens in Arkansas

the game begins 

     Spider-Man appears in comics

coffee is brewed 

     Happiness is a Warm Puppy

on a roll

     The Rolling Stones first perform 

a mindset is cast 

     Silent Spring

action happens 

     Industrial Robots introduced 

momentum builds 

     Travels with Charley

things change

     Blowin’ in the Wind

life is better

     One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest 

The Fresh-Baked Hope


The Fresh-Baked Hope

a hardened heart 

a small town 

a homecoming

a festival 

a countdown tree lighting 

a mug of hot cocoa 

a woman 

a man 

a spark 

a new flame

an old flame 

a sprig of mistletoe 

a stupid mistake

a snowfall

a confession 

a spat 

a realization 

a choice 

a crackling fireplace

a changed heart 

an apology 

a promise

an embrace 

a kiss

a hope for a happily ever after 

a Hallmark Christmas movie 

it’s not about the cookie-cutter plot 

it’s all about the fresh-baked hope

Fake Moons


a string of haikus 5-7-5

Fake Moons

social media 

checking emails and texting 

talking with others 

scrolling past moments 

ignoring togetherness 

phone screens hijack time 

parents and spouses 

take for granted their loved ones 

thumbs seek selfie smiles 

missing what’s right here 

more plugged in to others’ lives 

tuned into their news 

marriages suffer 

children feel neglected but

they’ll get over it 

they wish the magic 

of attention would return 

there’s no app for that 

numbness has set in 

metastasized to the heart 

can it be reversed? 

a text ding comes through 

“beautiful moon this morning 

look if you have time” 

but who would choose a 

real moon over a fake moon? 

there’s an app for that

You can find it here- Made in China!