Let Loose

Challenge from Allison Berryhill:  Write a What Have I Lost poem today.

#Let Loose #Let’s Lose!

The key to gaining what’s been lost is found
in loving food and sharing it around.
Such logic follows principles of eating:
that loss just gained last week is ever-fleeting.

What is our strange obsession with the pound?
We over-do ourselves into the ground.
We oversleep and overspend as habit.
We see a bauble and take off to grab it.

But when it comes to food, we’re self-defeating,
our forks to lips so hesitantly meeting.

I say we stop not eating: it’s not sound!
Let’s liberate ourselves and be unbound!
For one full day, let’s let loose and indulge.
Let’s lose all fear of Battle of the Bulge!

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