Fake Moons


a string of haikus 5-7-5

Fake Moons

social media 

checking emails and texting 

talking with others 

scrolling past moments 

ignoring togetherness 

phone screens hijack time 

parents and spouses 

take for granted their loved ones 

thumbs seek selfie smiles 

missing what’s right here 

more plugged in to others’ lives 

tuned into their news 

marriages suffer 

children feel neglected but

they’ll get over it 

they wish the magic 

of attention would return 

there’s no app for that 

numbness has set in 

metastasized to the heart 

can it be reversed? 

a text ding comes through 

“beautiful moon this morning 

look if you have time” 

but who would choose a 

real moon over a fake moon? 

there’s an app for that

You can find it here- Made in China! 


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