Prayer Persistence


Prayer Persistence

In the 1980s 

when there were mere feet 

between neighbors 

I had a persistent prayer 

for a home off-island 

on 10 acres surrounded 

by pine trees 

and a home in the middle 

with no close neighbors 

it didn’t happen then 

but God heard my introverted 

nature-loving heart 

here I sit in the early morning 

on the edge 

of December 2020 

in the home we designed 

and built 

in 2008 

on 10 acres 

surrounded by pine trees


I prayed fervently 

for the miracle of recovery 

for Mallory 

and God’s hands

orchestrated that miracle 

my car is my prayer chamber 

no radio for me 

every day on my way to work 

I pray a prayer of thanksgiving 

for the miracles 

-those we know about 

and those that God performed 

without our knowledge 

to spare us the pain – 

for each of my children by name 

and their spouses and friends 

for their marriages 

that they find 

the right mate 

and stick together 

for my grandchildren by name 

that they are guided by God‘s hand 

for my dad that the right mate 

will come alongside him, 

that he will know 

without a doubt 

yes, with certain clarity

when the right one appears

and he doesn’t settle 

for a loneliness placeholder 

for Briar and us and our families 

for our health and safety 

and our jobs 

that keep us fed and sheltered 

for all the blessings we enjoy 

though we deserve none 

and for forgiveness 

we need it so much 

I know the power of persistent prayer

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