A Covid Thanksmas


A Covid Thanksmas 

remember those


Thanksgiving Day ways 

that started a week ahead 

with cleaning the house 

and thawing the turkey 

three days in advance 

and getting up at 6 AM 

to bake casseroles 

and ice desserts 

and set the table 

with wedding gift China 

and chill the wine 

and polish the silver 

and buff the crystal

and arrange the 

fake fall leaf centerpiece 

          to impress?

remember the days of aprons 

because we wore 

our good clothes 

to the formal dinner table 

where the masses 

of family members 

from different sides 

feeling awkward 

with each other 

sat up straight 

with napkins 

in laps 

for the high noon 

scripted prayer? 

and someone 

always got stuck 

next to that “one

but nobody could 

relax and 

forget a few manners 

because of 



twisted the turkey

this year

and we can 

hate the sickness 

but be thankful 

for some changes

we drove our 

CDC-defined household 

down south 

and parked it  

in the backyard 

and overslept 

with the dogs 

between us

it’s Thanksmas 

and there are 

no rigid rules 

we’re combining the holidays 

and extending the visit 

we’ll get up 

brush our teeth and hair 

wear jeans 

and flip-flops 

and eat 

when we’re hungry 

at whatever time 

we pick 

we’ll play cornhole 

and Scrabble  

and Pie Face 

and cards 

and drink coffee 

and talk 

we’ll watch 

Christmas movies 

and offer our own

silent prayers 

of thanks 

throughout the day

thanking God 

for those we love 

and include the kids 

in saying 

the big blessing

and take naps 

we’ll use paper plates 

and Solo cups 

at picnic tables outside 

and share scraps 

with the five dogs 

even a sibling burping contest 

isn’t out of the question 

we’ll start a fire 

and roast marshmallows 

and make s’mores 

and drink hot chocolate 

and watch kids 

    open presents 

        play scientist 

            have a tea party 

            with a princess 

                 and set up 

                    a new nativity 

we’ll look at old photos 

and tell stories 

and laugh 

even unbuttoning our jeans 

after too much pie 

is not out of the question

a pandemic 


its holiday blessings

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