Getting Ready


Getting Ready: Prepping for Thanksmas 2020

making plans 

checking lists 

shopping for toys 

crafting a menu 

wrapping presents 

(cornhole included) 

playing Christmas music 

feeling festive 

doing laundry 

sharing recipes 

ordering Clicklist 

cooking ahead 

sampling the fudge 

testing the smoke alarm programming the TV 

grooming the dogs 

adjusting harnesses 

gathering games 

packing the camper 

coordinating clothes 

mounting the hitch 

loading picnic tables 

folding tablecloths 

sharpening the carving knife

sprucing up the table tree 

nogging the Evan Williams 

nipping the peppermint schnapps 

labeling foil pans 

counting utensils 

stocking the pantry 

sheeting beds 

fluffing towels 

mixing hot Russian tea 

chopping pecans 

measuring ingredients 

thinking through details 

anticipating merriment

withdrawing Christmas cash 

choosing audiobooks 

fueling up 

voting for paper plates 

looking forward to the fun

praying for a safe trip 

sedating schnoodles 

setting Waze 

buckling up 

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