the day 

after Halloween 

the world 

lit up for Christmas 

Facebook directed, 

“we’re all 

fast forwarding 

to the Christmas spirit 

for 2020” 

we watch, wondering 

why we’d want 

to speed up a season 

as if Covid will drop 

like the ball 

in Times Square 

at midnight 

New Year’s Eve 

we watch, wondering 

if November 1 

will become 

the new 

black shopping day 


if the spirit 

can be manufactured 

by lights,





because togetherness 

has new Covid rules 

about who belongs 

in a household 

and who doesn’t 

we watch, wondering 

whether some believe 






can be plugged 

and unplugged 

like tree lights 

we watch, wondering 

why all the rush 

when miracles 

happen all around us 

every day 

we wait, praying 

for His return 

Oh, what a Christmas 

of togetherness 

THAT will be! 

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