Today’s list writing was inspired by a poetry group member to live intentionally – to make good choices and think about the blessings and consequences of choices. I chose a quote from a book I love – Simple Abundance.


“Your life at this exact moment is a result of choices you made once upon a time – 30 minutes or 30 years ago…..wrong choices should never be confused with bad choices.” –  Sarah Ban Breathnach

5 of the Good Choices I Made Yesterday

  1. I had conversations with all three of my children and my brother – some deep, some reflective, some funny. All uplifting! 
  2. I came home for lunch to walk the dogs in the sunshine and enjoy the beauty of the day and the serenity of the country woods. 
  3. I worked hard and was productive for my employer, preparing well-chosen literacy materials as Christmas gifts for our grant partners.
  4. I kissed my husband and told him I love him. What a fabulous choice he is!  
  5. I wrote in the morning and read in the evening.

Good choices drive a more meaningful life. A car doesn’t choose  a driver. A driver chooses a car. 

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