Today’s writing host, Susan Ahlbrand, challenged us to write a poem that forces us to look at the world or something in it in a different way. I borrowed my first and last lines from Mary Oliver – the first from “I Looked Up,” and the last from “Wild, Wild.” 


I looked up and there it was – 

left on a re-purposed junk mail envelope on the kitchen counter 

by my coffee cup

a love note 


in his handwriting 

with his always-handy 

shirt pocket pen

from when he left to go to work 

and sitting on top:

a cattywampus-shaped 

York Peppermint Pattie

in its silver wrapper 

the size of a half-dollar 

I could already taste the sensation –

the dark chocolate and mint swirling together 

the perfect pair of flavors 

his note read: 

because I love you 

I saved this just for you 

much love 

hope you have a wonderful Wednesday

(and an exclamation with a heart as the point)

I took a quick snapshot and texted him to say 


that was so sweet of you

I love you too

be safe 

but then received a minor confession: 

sorry –  

I carried it in my shirt pocket and 

it melted a little bit

I felt my heart stir 

as I gazed 

at the imperfect York 

seeing it much differently now 

than I had before

and after a tearful moment

I replied: 

all the better 

it’s literally heart warmed 

from you to me 

he quipped back:

that’s true 

better than my back pocket, I guess 

this is what love is

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