Susan Ahlbrand challenged us with a fun new form today! A Tritina – a trio of tercets with a final line that stands alone, where the ending words in each line are ordered 1,2,3 in the first tercet; 3,1,2 in the second, 2,3,1 in the third, and the final line containing the 1,2,3 order anywhere in the stand-alone line. I began my Tritina with two borrowed lines and one twisted line from “Mink” by Mary Oliver: 


the pink sun fading away to the edge
for me, it was the gift of the winter
which was still in its frozen coat of snow

a plaid-flanneled husband, scarfed in the snow
a wife watching warmly from window’s edge
of the woods’ balsamy-scented winter 

a crackling-hardwood-fire cabin winter
where rugged muscles chop wood in the snow
to keep the fires burning-(love on the edge!)

passion’s edge in winter melts hearts of snow!

-kim johnson

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