More than Bones


A Very Mary Variation

A Mashed Potato poem

Featuring borrowed lines from Mary Oliver and placed in a re-arrangement to form a new poem

More than Bones 

ordinarily I go to the woods alone

where the owl lives and sometimes calls out

around me the trees stir in their leaves

the moon, in its shining white blouse, rises

while the dead wind rises

don’t think I’m not afraid 

you wouldn’t believe what once or twice I have seen

there was a strange fluttering bird, high above, disturbed, hoo-ing

he was singing his death song

something came up out of the dark

the darkness grows and is filled with crooked things

the old ghost stood under the hickories 

a plump, dark lady wearing a gown of nails

with a sound like hysterical laughter –

my heart was pounding

death waits for me, I know it

there is a graveyard where everything I am talking about is, now 

it’s more than bones

New Arrangement taken, in order, from

these poems:


“It was Early”

“When I am Among the Trees”

“You are Standing at the Edge of the Woods”

“At Black River”

“The World I Live In”




“Six Recognitions of the Lord”

“The Arrowhead”






“To Begin With, the Sweet Grass”

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