Amicalola Falls State Park Lodge

Amicalola Falls State Park Lodge 

August 23, 2020

Room 405 Amicalola Falls State Park Lodge 

a spellbinding window wall of a view- 

not your typical 

tacky woodland painting


instead, a live view 

birds gliding 

hikers climbing 

like ants on a hill 


on their tasks 

two queen beds 

farm-style sliding doors privatizing the bathroom

stark white shower light awakening the senses  

invigorating the body 

and coffee –

thankfully, coffee 

pour a cup 

to take to the lobby 

to capture in words this glorious place 

three-story stone fireplace spanning lobby to ceiling geometric 

clear glass 

window wall 

an A-frame view 

of the mountain valley below 


from this summit 

repurposed log 

split lengthwise, 

now a mantle 

holding two tall pottery vases


for breathing 

the clean mountain air 

start of the Appalachian Trail just a few steps from

these doors, 

its map spanning

two stories 

on the wall 

opposite the fireplace


lamp shade chandeliers, 


couch, three chairs, 

tables and lamps, 

clean wood floors –

echoing space 

free of any form of clutter

space to breathe

space to think

space to write 

restorative soul space

occasional muffled voices, otherwise 

the early morning quiet 

of this hour 

blended aromas of breakfast- 

bacon, coffee, toast- 

waft through the lobby 

invisible clouds 

on the move,

part two of this

Bed and Breakfast Bundle

soon to come 

mountainous autumn 

color schemes –

rusts, beiges,

greens and browns 

bring in the earthy beauty of these outdoors 

leaving the sky 

the monopoly 

on the blues and whites 

canoe-shaped bookshelf offering flyers -what to do 

what to do?! 

what to do!?

take a walk off the grid 

visit the butterfly farm 

hold tight 

      for a zip line adventure 

take a hike 

be enamored 

      by the 

         rushing waters 

             of the 



go fishing 

have a picnic 

practice archery 

take flight 

      to the birds of prey show 

sit in an Adirondack chair 

sip wine at a vineyard

go kayaking 

go shopping 

normally, we might do these things 


but not today –


we pan for different gold 


we retreat to the peace offered here 

today, we take it easy!

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