Picture Perfect



Picture Perfect


back to FDR State Park

log cabin #7 on Lake Delanor

evening shade of Slash pines

big around as burn barrels


hum of trucks puttering

around the lake loop

pulling campers

sound carrying across the water


country music from site 21

lighter fluid and charcoal wafting

smoke crossing borders

embers perfect, ready to grill



umbrella up, covering the flames

grilling steaks in the rain

together, all that matters


two yellow kayaks, one red canoe

paddling to shore

peace interrupted

steaks done, so is the rain


eerily quiet and still

air-conditioned cabin

too cool on damp skin

urges dinner on the screened stone porch

in the rockers


chirping of birds and crickets

tree frogs trilling

tender steak, coleslaw, dilled red potatoes

juicy seedless watermelon

two bottled Blue Moons


steam rising off the lake

in a misty picture



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