Challenge from Susan Ahlbrand:  write your own poem inspired by “Both Sides Now,” sung by Joni Mitchell

And now Abideth These Three……

once a vocabulary word
a question
a word heard in church
now the substance of things hoped for
prayers of grounded belief
assurance of ultimate destination

once a too-high expectation that
skewed all the outcomes
a setup for a letdown
now the thing with feathers
that perches in the soul
the promise that tomorrow will arrive
on full-feathered wings

once a phony “marriage” of betrayal
a joke vault of secrets
a wasteland of landmines
now four spirited grandchildren
three resilent children
two rescue dog sons
and a second-chance sacrificing soulmate I cherish

…..and the Greatest of These is Love

(inspirations from the Bible, Emily Dickinson, Emanuel Carnevali)

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