Frank O’Hara was known for writing poems on his lunch break and became famous for his “Lunch Poems.” His “Lines for the Fortune Cookies” contains inspiring prophesies, thought-provoking questions, and humorous scenarios.


Write your own “Lines for the Fortune Cookies” poem today.  Your audience can be anyone – the general population, a tourist, a family member, or even (dun-dun-dun) an ex!  Spice it up!

Kim’s Poem

(I asked a Curriculum Coordinator, Administrator, and former student to collaborate with me on this composition):
Fortunes for Eclectic Diners
Your crow’s feet will up and fly away, oh glory, never to return!
Be on the lookout for hidden treasure – there is toilet paper still to be discovered.
Believe that you really are the love of someone’s life.
Tomorrow your life will never be the same.
Flowers bend toward you because you are as bright as the sun.
Act strategically. What if this is the rapture?
To make a tissue dance, put a little boogie in it!
Life is full of cheesy twists.
You will lose 5 pounds tonight as you undress for bed.
Cheers! Your chances of inheriting a Chihuahua rescue farm are ever-changing.
You are the Lord of the Dance that no one is watching.
That cookie you just cracked was the presumptive cure for all disease if left intact.
Never forget: Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana!
Check your messages. Your ex and the new flame will soon need bail money in Mexico.
Be eccentric. Eat more kale.
Amazon welcomes you like family!
Collaboratively written by Dawn Lanca, Carrie Dawson, Nolan Riggins, and Kim Johnson

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