Challenge from Lauryl and Lizzie:  Write a poem in two voices – a conversation about what is thought and what is actually said.  Use italics. 

Mornings with Boo Radley and Fitz

Good morning, Boo Radley! Good morning, Fitz! Stop licking my face! Who needs to go outside?
BR: Why else would we be licking your face? Of course we need to go out.
F: Does she have dementia? She seriously asks us this every morning.

Okay, Boys. Step it up. Do your business.
BR: We both step it up every time. We can’t get these legs any higher, Mom.
F: It’s like the movie Groundhog Day and I’m Bill Murray. She ain’t right.

Good Boys! Let’s go inside. Who wants a treat?
BR: I’ll think about it. If you’re having bacon and offer me a lowly cracker, the deal’s off.
F: Me! Me! Pick me! I’ll take his cracker, too.

Okay, boys. Mom’s getting in the shower now. Go lay down.
BR: Oh, Jeez! Put that face mask over my eyes, will ya? Have you looked in the mirror lately?
F: Dang, she needs to lay off the Corona snacks. Check out that cellulite!
BR: Yeah, and she’s no true blonde, either. If her friends only knew all that we know…….
F: Aw, man! She needs a pedicure. Those toes are looking dapple. Reminds me of my ex.

Off to Zoom, boys. Find your spot and don’t bark. Settle in. I’ll be finished at lunchtime.
BR: Okay, Fitz. You watch for the squirrels and I’ll watch for deer. Let’s bark at ten for a snack.
F: Yep. You bet. I might even poop outside her door in protest of this Zooming.

PAW HIGH FIVE! And off to separate ends of the couch…..for social distancing…

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