Challenge from Gayle Sands – write an ekphrastic poem by going into a historical photograph and using voice to capture the story there.

Alice Paul at the Seward-Belmont House:
 – I chose this one because I KNOW that look! I’ve seen it too many times. And those were the looks that ultimately saved my life. 

The Principal and the Preacher’s Daughter

Kimberly Lynn Haynes!
Why are you back here in my office again today?
Your daddy would be so ashamed of you!
Lean across that desk.
You know how this works.

For stealing a box of chalk from Mrs. Sharpe’s class so you could play school at home.

For ripping up Dawn Taylor’s lunch tickets and hiding them in the trash and blaming April Hudson.

For writing a fake confession on April’s desk – in Mrs. Sharpe’s lipstick from her desk drawer.

For daring Marvin Pirtle to pee in the soap dish and going in the boys’ bathroom to check the evidence.

For playing a harmonica to add dramatic emphasis and trying to remain mysteriously undetected when Mrs. Myers was at the board teaching math.

For going through Mrs. Myers’ desk to take back the harmonica she took from you when you were detected.

For inciting a class chant for Randy Howard to “Take off your pants, Randy,” when his butt was itching because he forgot to rinse off the soap from his morning shower.

For climbing the fence at recess and picking the kumquats from Mr. and Mrs. Gibson’s tree and then distributing the stolen goods.

For offering to roll Karl Lewis in the tire at recess and deliberately rolling him into a tree.

For sneaking Queenie Peavy home and finishing the class read-aloud ahead of time so you could give spoilers.

And one for good measure. For being a preacher’s kid and not setting a better example. Let’s see if this can straighten you out for a day!

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