Challenge from Susie Morice: write a poem about a tradition or
Mornings on the Funny Farm with Boo Radley

Lick the corner of Mom’s right eye to wake her up.
It’s time to go out! 
Jump down off the bed,
Shake, and click toenails all the way to the front door. Turn 20 circles while she walks to the door. 
Wait for brother Fitz to pee on the gardenia bush. Sniff around. 
Pee on top of his pee to be the Funny Farm Territory King.
Run inside and beg Mom for a cheese bite. 
Watch while she packs sandwiches.
She drops pieces of ham every time. 
Run to the bathroom when Dad’s shower water goes off: time for blue jeans pants leg tug of war. 
Lick my chops so he’ll fill my people cup with fresh water.
Drink it down so Fitz doesn’t get as much. 
Dig the red ball out of my toybox and growl at Mom. Run from her when she tries to take it. 
Wait around the corner with my front legs guarding the ball on the floor, my white wagging tail straight up in the air. 
Growl again and wait for her to move a muscle. Take ball, run, and jump on the bed. 
Listen for the crinkly cracker wrapper.
Run to the kitchen for breakfast with Dad: graham crackers and yogurt.  
Try to get more than Fitz.
Every. Single. Day.
Peek around the corner for a wet towel or stray sock to steal. 
Rummage through Mom’s closet to chew tissues or receipts from totes. 
Blame it all on Fitz. 
Listen for keys. 
They’re leaving for work! 
Dentastix time. 
Push Fitz off couch to be first in line. 
Listen to the “You Boys Behave Today!”
Every. Single. Day. 
“No pooping on the floor. 
Guard the house. 
No barking at the deer and squirrels. 
No chewing shoes. 
We’ll check in on the camera at lunch and say hello. 
You boys behave.”
Watch the cars go down the driveway. 
Look for a place to poop on the floor 
so I can blame it on Fitz. 
Take a nap. 
Bark at squirrels and deer. 
Chew Dad’s slippers. 
Howl LOUDLY at the camera because I love them more than Fitz does. 
Sit by the window and be a better watchdog than Fitz. 
Reflect on all the ways I take care of these two people I rescued…..

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