Challenge: write a poem about a struggle. 

Trenches and Summits

A world of drugs – of heroin and meth
Led my firstborn child down a dark road of death
Her journey began with the birth of her son
Her sleepy glazed smiles fooled everyone
We saw a proud mother adoring her child
Not knowing she had painkillers stockpiled 
Doctors whose orders seem helpful and kind
Can be the start of a helpless decline 
Addiction abducted with needling claws
The kind that gives mothers a new prayerful cause
But as walls kept on crumbling and tearing her down
Her family kept praying that she would be found
And God heard our prayers –
She landed in jail.
Her once healthy body was sallow and frail 
“I’m ready,” she said. “I want to get well.”
“We know,” we assured her, “you’ve marched straight through hell.” 
And what’s happened since then is a miracle still
An addict recovering and seeking God’s will
She now works with others to steer and to guide To help those who need one like her by their side
The thing about trenches so treacherous and bleak
Is that they become summits that others will seek.

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