Poetry challenge from Sarah Donovan: choose any day of our 39 days of poetry and borrow the lines of various poets to create a new poem.

Facing May Without My Fellow Poets
Today, somehow I knew
A cloud has rolled in
Its teeth like bones that landed wrong
There is a WAR going on
The wind howls
In a brazen blizzard
Waves approaching
Reality of this world’s daily strife
Let me go!
Take this burden
Shut the drapes
Pull down the shades
Fading in the rearview are the dusty roads
Joy lives in the noticing
-Kim Johnson
Day 10 Lines – A Patchwork Poem – special thanks to Melinda Buchanan, Susie Morice, Gail Saathoff, Alex, Michelle Hubbard, Amy Rasmussen, Steve Z, Ambre Lee, Glenda Funk, Anna Roseboro, Deb Matero, and Sarah Donovan for your quilt-squares

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