Poetry challenge from Aida Salazar:  Take an original poem you’ve written, but change words and punctuation to rewrite it in a different voice, such as a child’s voice, a comedian’s voice, a mortician’s voice, etc. 

What a fun challenge to write in another voice.  Here is my original poem:

A Second Letter

The Yellow Envelope
contains The Secret –
Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister
Three Days Missing
After The Funeral,
as you are Learning To Walk In The Dark
there is A Hope in the Unseen
when you feel Alone
may you find Peace Like A River
Remember Me Always
i’ll be Where The Heart Is

-Kim Johnson

Here it is rewritten, in the voice of a small southern town gossipin’ woman in church:

The Grievin’ Widder

That there cheap pine box
seals the mystery she reckons she’s keepin’.

Talk of the Town! 

“A wife and at least a dozen mistresses…..”
“Poor Beverly,” they’s sayin’.

Well, let me tell you – she may be wearin’ her black dress today.

But after the funeral, she’ll go shoppin’ for
Velvet violet
Silver sequins
Glitzy gold

After the funeral,
There’ll be a rich widder runnin’ loose in the town.

Once she’s figgered right,
She’ll marry another rich ‘un –
richer’n the others.

She’ll be keepin’ her black dress ready. 

  -Kim Johnson

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