Poetry challenge from Anna Roseboro – write a Lazy Sonnet, one word per line, 14 lines in the scheme of ABAB CDCD EFEF GG ending with a rhyming couplet. 

I tried for one word – – but still have too much baggage for that one-word sonnet suitcase. I also failed in my Lazy Sonnet because I added an extra set of rhymes to make it GHGH II at the ending.

Teas, Please

Pau d’arco
Chamomile Calm
Matcha Mango
Lemon Balm

Red Rooibos
Honey Yuzu
Pink Hibiscus
Oolong Voodoo

Ceylon Jasmine
Mint Darjeeling
Rose Mandarin
Honey Ginseng

Earl Gray
Pu-erh Spice
Yerba Mate
Bombay Chai

More Teas
Pretty Please

 -Kim Johnson

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