Slice of Life Challenge – March 31 – My Monthly Goal Update as an Extra Post

CategoryGoalsMy Progress
LiteratureRead Around the USA
Give Away Books
Send out Postcards
Blog Daily
I’ve almost finished my third book in the Read Around America Challenge, and will begin the next one in April.
I’ve given away books, sent out postcards this month, and blogged each day of March.
CreativityImprove blog photos
Indulge in photo excursions
Create photo montage
I have just upgraded my phone – – for the camera, to improve blog photography.
I created the photo montage in January, so I will add more to the montage second quarter. Every day has become a photo excursion.
SpiritualityTune in to church
Keep OLW priority
Yes to all
ReflectionWrite family stories
Spend time tracking goals each month
Yes to all
Self-ImprovementReach top of weight range
Maintain Weight
Give away too-big clothes
I’ve given away too-big clothes but I’m dancing within two pounds under and over the weight goal. I have to figure out a good maintenance strategy.
GratitudeDevote blog days to counting blessingsI have counted blessings this month on my son’s birthday and on my anniversary.
ExperienceEmbrace Slow Travel
Focus on the Outdoors
I am creating a poetry experience outdoors for the month of April in my community.
I am planning a Route 66 trip where we will break down the travel into short segments of slow travel.

2 Replies to “Slice of Life Challenge – March 31 – My Monthly Goal Update as an Extra Post”

  1. Kim: love this check-in on your goals and how holistic they are. My reading goals are freer, but I had a weight goal last year also and am keeping close to it (water weighs a lot, just saying!). Like you, I count my blessings on my blog and write of my family (a word-scrapbook; story is beyond a calculable price). I need to set some loftier writing goals. You are, in every way, an extraordinary encourager in example and in word! Whenever I am thanking God for my blessings, I count you among them, friend.

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    1. Thank you so much for these words of affirmation, friend! Likewise, you are a blessing and I think of you often – – our similarities, our birds, our shoes, our values of our rural settings in our same-name cities in two different states! I haven’t finished my March reading, so that will have to carry over to April. I’m needing to step back and re-set some of the goals. I can’t wait to work with you on our November writing teamwork. Thank you again!

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