Slice of Life Challenge – March 22 – Metaphor Mumbo Jumbo Jam with Denise Hill at Open Write

Denise Hill of Bay City, Michigan is our host today for the final day of the March Open Write at You can read her full prompt here. Today’s challenge is to twist up an idiom or aspect of figurative language to make it opposite or different in some way, then run with it. Since I brought my new chicks home yesterday from the friend who hatched them and kept them for a few weeks, I chose the idiom Don’t Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch. My chicks hatched on my mother’s birthday, February 19, and I first wrote about them here on March 10.

Chicks on hatch day
Welcome, Spring Chickens!

Nine Easter Eggers
I didn’t hatch my chickens
Before they counted

Eleven candled
Only three-quarter dozen
Made it out alive

Chicks the day I met them
Chicks this morning, 3/22, a week and a half shy of fully feathered

7 Replies to “Slice of Life Challenge – March 22 – Metaphor Mumbo Jumbo Jam with Denise Hill at Open Write”

  1. Kim,
    The prompt today is fun. I took a bit of a naughty journey w/ my response. Anyway, love seeing the babies and the celebration of them in your poem. At first I thought only three survived, but after rereading, I know nine made it through the shell to live for you to tell their tale.

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  2. I recently read a book that had hatching chickens in the storyline. When I read the line “eleven candled” I knew what that meant because of that book! Now if I could just remember it! Love the idea of turning figurative language around. I think kids could get into writing poetry this way!

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