Slice of Life Challenge – March 14- Epsom Salt Overall Review: My Favorite Soaking Solution (Part 3 of 3)

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I was a strange child.

Still am.

When I worked on a 50 States project in 5th grade, I wrote to every state capital’s Chamber of Commerce requesting brochures I could include in my presentation binder. I learned far less about the states from that project than I did about the power of written communication, and writing the letters was not an assigned part of the project – it was something I enjoyed doing because it enriched the experience – – much like bath salts enrich the bathtime experience. Today, I’ll share my favorite variety of the bath salts I have used.

I also learned that written communication could get me free samples of products – and more mail with my name on it. Back in the day, magazines would list where you could write for free samples, and I had every free beauty product they offered, whether I needed it or not. Mom always got me stamps when she knew I was writing for a worthy cause – plus, it kept me out of other trouble. I had lipgloss, eyeshadow, and even a jar of Gerber’s Dutch Apple Dessert when their campaign persuaded buyers that it wasn’t just for babies, but that people of all ages could enjoy it as a snack. I also got coupons for cool products like Lemon Up Shampoo and Conditioner – and I got in trouble for using the entire bottle of each in one bath on my angel wings “because it smelled so good.” I’ve learned through epsom salt reviews that there are far less expensive ways of taking a great-smelling bath!

Lemon-Up Shampoo from the 1970s

Pink Himalayan Mineral Soak Restore & Replenish – this variety is a mineral soak that contains pink Himalayan salt along with bergamot and sweet orange essential oils to help rejuvenate the body. It has a grapefruit-y smell, and the salt crystals seem less coarse and smaller than the other varieties I have used. It smells amazing, but again – this one is one that does a better job of awakening than relaxing, so I would not recommend it before bedtime.

Vapor Bath with Menthol, Camphor, and Spearmint Essential Oil – this one is for a special purpose, and it isn’t for sleep when you can already breathe freely. But when you can’t breathe, this one will work to help open sinuses and airways. It’s so powerful that you have to sit in the bath with your eyes closed, because it will flat out make your eyes water like you’re slicing an onion. I would definitely recommend wearing swim goggles when soaking in the vapor bath.

Today’s favorite between these final two varieties is Pink Himalayan Mineral Soak, simply because the vapor bath is more for medicinal purposes.

This brings the overall competition to my three daily favorites – Pink Himalayan Mineral Soak, Cannabis Sativa Hemp Seed Oil, and Calm Your Mind.

My third favorite bath salt is Pink Himalayan Mineral Soak.

My second favorite is Calm Your Mind……

…and my favorite aromatherapy soak is Cannabis Sativa Hemp Seed Oil Soaking Solution.

I did not review any of the foaming bath counterparts that go along with these products, and I did not review all of the varieties. There are still other varieties that need bloggers’ reviews. Here is the Dr. Teal’s website with all of the products and varieties (I am not selling their products, just providing the link for the ones I did not review).

And here I am, the cleanest I’ve been in years – – probably the cleanest I’ve ever been in my life. I’ve learned that epsom salts have multiple health benefits, but more importantly, I’ve learned that it takes a deliberate mindset to shift the balance between baths and showers. While I still prefer showers because of my busy lifestyle, I will continue to carve time for soaking as a way of regulating the pace of life.

22 Replies to “Slice of Life Challenge – March 14- Epsom Salt Overall Review: My Favorite Soaking Solution (Part 3 of 3)”

  1. First off: I am cracking up at “I was a strange child. Still am.” Because guess what? So am I! I can see expressions of impatience on my parents’ faces as I type… I am fascinated by the freebies you collected as a child. I don’t remember Lemon Up shampoo but I adored Love’s Fresh Lemon body spray. I love citrus scents – and bergamot – to this day (Earl Gray, anyone?). I have really, really, got to write my menthol post now… after I shop for a soak. You leave me chuckling at “the cleanest I’ve ever been” but your writing is always so clean, clear, and – invigorating!

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    1. Thank you, Fran! I Remember Love’s Fresh Lemon and Love’s Baby Soft – things we always wanted to find under the Christmas tree for sure. I also remember Maybelline Strawberry Frost lipstick and nail polish, the color my mother most often used. It was in a square tube with a clear lid with silvery metallic stripes running up the cover. I can still remember standing in the dime store in the enclosed Brunswick Mall on the cosmetic aisle, looking over all these colors. As fascinated as I always was with makeup and high heels and fashionable dresses, I am more of a jeans, try to get away without makeup, sweatshirt and ankle boot type today – clear nail polish if any. I’m glad to know I have another “strange child” friend who tested their parents’ patience. I can’t wait to read the menthol post. You have me on the edge of my seat – – but I’m glad you chose to write about the baby finches today. My heart needed that.


  2. I am a huge Dr. Teals fan as well as a bath fan! I think I need to read more about the health benefits though because I just do it because I like it! I started using Dr. Teals sleep lotion during the pandemic, and when I use it now, it takes me right back to those long days.

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    1. I need to try the sleep lotion. Anything for a few extra minutes at night – getting to sleep is more the problem these days than staying asleep. Thanks for mentioning that – I will be on the lookout for sure!


  3. I am chuckling at the idea of you being the cleanest you’ve been in years! That is fascinating that you received so many free samples; a good reminder about written communication. I mentioned the other day that I, too, don’t really like baths – I find it really interesting that you basically had to work mostly on your mindset, in your approach to these bath salts. Thank you for sharing this wisdom – I should hurry less.

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  4. Kim,
    After reading all your Epsom salt posts, I knew you’d pick the cannabis! I’m psychic! I find myself wanting to review all the salts so I can choose my favorite. Have you forwarded your analysis to Dr. Teal’s? I’d do that if I were you because I think they might send you more products for review. I love how you procured those free samples as a child and imagine what fun it would be to teach students to write letters requesting product samples. It’s such a real-world type of persuasive writing from a bygone era.

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  5. Needing to wear goggle to soak – that cracked me up. I’ve not have a bath in years, unless you count the hot tub in our South Carolina stay. I will consider a good soak – but not with goggles!


  6. I enjoyed reading about your letter writing adventures. It reminded me of the time my sister bought a candy bar and for whatever reason, she complained it wasn’t “fresh.” She wrote a letter to the company and wound up with stacks of coupons for full sized candy bars and a bag of the minis!

    Honestly, I came for the bath salts, lol! Dr. Teal’s is one of my favorite brands as well. I love the Pink Himalayan for summer soaking, the lavender before bedtime, and eucalyptus for sore muscles.

    I must try the cannabis! Or maybe I should say Cannabis Sativa Hemp Seed Oil Soaking Solution because that’s what I meant.

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    1. Ha! I understand what she means by not fresh. My husband opened a Reese’s cup last week and took a bite. He brought it to me and asked me if I thought it was a knockoff Reese’s because it didn’t taste right. That candy wasn’t fresh. I can so relate to that! Happy soaking – I hope you like that particular solution!

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  7. I remember Lemon Up! Funny that you had a silky smooth bath with the whole bottles: “I got in trouble for using the entire bottle of each in one bath on my angel wings ‘because it smelled so good.'”

    I have definitely added Dr. Teal’s to my list for the next time I go into town.


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