T-Shirt Poetry ~ Your Story Matters

Britt Decker, our host at www.ethicalela.com today for the Open Write, shares a prompt that proves that we walk by thousands of writing opportunities everyday. We walk in them, past them, heck – we wear them! She shows us how to take a t-shirt from our closet with words, a picture, or a memory that will inspire poetry.  It's as simple as going to the closet and considering all the possibilities.  I love how her t-shirts inspire a poem about her own need of distance between work and play. Read the prompt here, and consider writing with us.  I bought a t-shirt at the NCTE conference in Anaheim, California last November with a message I enjoy sharing – your story matters.  My poem is a 3x5 today - short and simple like an index card - three lines, five syllables.  

Your Story Matters

you’re a child in God’s
great universe so
your story matters

7 Replies to “T-Shirt Poetry ~ Your Story Matters”

  1. I love that 3×5 poem. Sweet form I just heard about today. And a sweet message in your poem, succinct and TRUTH!

    What a great tee-shirt you had to write about and wear! And you got it at NCTE–even better! I love the message.

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  2. I need to remember this post when I am feeling fresh out of writing ideas for the SOLSC this year; I’m concerned it will happen faster than usual, for some reason. I own a plethora of tshirts about reading…now wondering if that should be my theme! Your poem is succinct and powerful; thanks for the inspiration!

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