Five days shy of six months (from August 10, 2022 to February 5, 2023), I hit my weight loss goal. Optavia made weight loss convenient with my busy schedule and kept me satisfied so that I was never climbing the walls with hunger. Easiest weight loss plan I’ve ever done, hands down! I pulled out my starting paperwork and reflected – I needed to write down the new weight and measurements on the day of celebrating success. I’d used blue ink at the start, so I grabbed a black pen and began noting the new information next to the old.

My husband asked if I was going to celebrate with a big piece of cake. I resisted that temptation (somehow). Since travel is my greatest motivator, I’m planning a trip instead! Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky will be a scenic place to take a hike sometime mid-February when I am on winter break. I’m looking forward to taking photographs and seeing new places.

For today, I’m celebrating success with a simple Cherry Coke Zero.

Ta daaaaaaa………!

At goal

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