January Open Write – and a Slice of Life on Two Kings

Today is the fourth day of five days of January’s Open Write at http://www.ethicalela.com. Each month, this writing group gathers to write and give positive feedback to at least three other writers. Please join us! Here is the direct link, where you can read about today’s host, Glenda Funk of Idaho, and the inspiration she brings in her prompt.

It’s also Tuesday, when Two Writing Teachers invite Slice of Life stories. We’re gearing up for writing every day during the month of March. You can read more about the Slice of Life Challenge and share your own blog and read others here.

Glenda invites us to write poems about women today – empowering women! I recently finished reading On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King, where I learned that, not surprisingly, his wife paved the way to his success – – (and that he believes the road to hell is paved in peppered adverbs).

The Crown of the King 

what kind of woman 

retrieves wadded papers 

  reclaims the "trash" 

    reads his manuscript 

      redirects his steps

....his catapulting masterpiece 

         .....his claim to fame


the kind of woman 

who is the reason 

    he is who he is 

the kind of woman 

who is the wind 

     beneath the wings 

         of an all-time great 

(because it does take a woman)

Cheers for Tabitha King!
Novelists Stephen and Tabitha King
Special thanks to Two Writing Teachers for giving writers space and voice!

6 Replies to “January Open Write – and a Slice of Life on Two Kings”

  1. This was not what I was expecting, either. Tabitha King deserves a lot of credit for his success…and for living with someone whose mind can contains some of those plots and characters. I love the “road to hell” quote. I think it may have been in On Writing that I ran into his quote: “People often ask me how I can come up with such wild stories. I say it’s because I have the heart of a child…I keep it in a jar on my desk.”
    I realize that’s a paraphrase…but the image is clear…and I can never unsee it.


  2. Your piece and poem has me thinking about all the unseen supporters. I am sure every artist has at least one. Goon on Stephen King to acknowledge his wife in his book, and thank you for sharing through your poem.


  3. I love, love, love the premise behind the poem. This would be a great writing prompt after reading an author’s memoir or biography, in praise of a mentioned mentor or supporter. Thanks for sharing this tidbit about Tabitha King!

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