Hunting Magic! My Creativity Goals for 2023

Special thanks to Two Writing Teachers at Slice of Life!
Q: What is creativity?
A: The relationship between a human being and the mysteries of inspiration. 

        -Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

In Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert asserts that the universe buries strange jewels deep within us all and then stands back to see if we can find them. The hunt to uncover those jewels is what she calls creative living, and the surprising results of the hunt are what she calls Big Magic.

During this first week of 2023, I’m spending time each day defining my goals – not resolutions – for the year, in seven broad categories that include reflection, spirituality/inspiration, self-improvement, literature, gratitude, experience, and creativity. Definitive goals for creativity would be in direct contrast to the open-ended creative spirit and energy that can only emerge organically within any given moment from the right slant of light at a particular vantage point, but I aim this year to spend more time on photography as a visual art form.

I have taken a couple of photography classes over the years, my most recent being through University of West Georgia. I had a friend taking the same course, and we would spontaneously go on “photography excursions,” jumping in the car and driving the rural countryside to look for images of beauty. I miss those days of creative adventuring and look forward to resurrecting the energy I felt on those outings. One goal is to improve the photos I share on my blog. I also want to create some photo displays of recent trips with favorite pictures from our travels, beginning with a few photos on canvas.

As a hobby, photography is relatively inexpensive – far more so today than in the 1980s, when I took my first photography course in college and had to purchase film and develop it in the dark room. Unlike my children, I don’t have the gifts of drawing and painting. But I’m often able to find a subject of beauty and click from several angles to find that certain slant of light that magically illuminates the shot and brings a dazzling luster.

The Big Magic ~ I’m hunting the jewels buried within in 2023!

One of my favorite photos taken recently – White Christmas at sunset at Burdoc Farms in Crofton, Kentucky

5 Replies to “Hunting Magic! My Creativity Goals for 2023”

  1. Kim, I almost quoted Big Magic today. I love that book and have been thinking about rereading it. I also love photography, but w/ my phone. I’ve never taken a class. I wonder if I should. Your photo is gorgeous. I was reading something yesterday about how creating is a vital source of happiness. It doesn’t matter what we create. The mere act of cresting brings us happiness. It’s something we can give our students, too. Anyway, I’m toasting creativity and its many incarnations and looking forward to seeing how your goals play out in the coming months.

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  2. Well, you certainly captured magic, found a jewel, in the photo you shared today. I must admit that I am tired of challenges and even resolutions—that word—is off-putting. Yesterday I read a column in the NY Times about ReSOULutions that I think you’d appreciate. I know it was just the approach I needed. I want to read the Gilbert book. And I do agree that digital photography has cut the expense but it takes work, a real eye, to capture a jaw-dropping image as you have done here.

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  3. Thanks for recommending this book. Adding it to my stack. I am especially looking forward to seeing how you meet your goal of sharing more of your photos on your blog! What a treat for me! I love the one you shared today. The rolling road against the BRIGHT sun – stunning! Happy New Year!!


  4. I have Big Magic planned for Spring Break reading, so I love seeing the book mentioned in your post–makes me more excited about tackling it! Your focus on creativity through your passion for photography just shines in today’s piece. Thanks for sharing your art with us!


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