Elegies and Odes

I’ve been reading Kyle Vaughn’s Lightning Paths and writing through the daily exercises. Today’s prompt inspires writers to write an ode about or an elegy for a person. On November 20, 2020, I wrote an ode to my childhood playground on the Sapelo River. Our family sold the property in McIntosh County, Georgia that had been a part of my life since I was a young child. I’m sharing that poem here today, once again. I’d shared the poem with my brother, one of the realtors, and at the closing, the new owners brought a framed copy of this poem that they planned to put up in the house; they shared an emotional closing on the property and on that chapter of our lives.

Ode to Sapelo River

your marsh and river 

at dawn and dusk

ever-changing palette 

of brilliant hues,

whose back we scratched 

on novice skis,

whose arm we tickled 

casting lines, nets

whose oaks 

huddled family gatherings 


sheltered peaceful togetherness

you picked up 

the dinner check:

deviled crab, 

steamed shrimp, 

fried fish

and lulled us 

in a dock hammock 

as we listened

for playful dinnertime dolphins

your trees and river breezes 

brought cleaner air 

to clear 

the lungs 

the mind

your heart our refuge 

from demands  

and deadlines

well done, friend! 

now you’re ready 


fully embrace 

and care 

for a new family 

who’ll take 

your empty shell 


breathe new life 

into you

you have so much more 

to give 

and you’re long overdue 

for a makeover 


the laughter of family 

flooding your veins

we’ll never forget 

the joy you brought us! 

so long, old friend! 

the memories live on….

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